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Community Outreach: Project Initiatives

LEGO Engineering

In 2006, LEGO education partnered with the CEEO to establish LEGO Engineering Conferences. These are ideal for educators interested in immersing themselves in one-day, hands-on STEM workshops, facilitated by CEEO personnel and using LEGO Education robotics materials. Many organizations have hosted these conferences throughout the world, generating interest by local educators in STEM education. In 2008, 25 LEGO Engineering Conferences were held in locations ranging from Arizona to Australia and Japan.

LEGO Engineering Online Resource
LEGOengineering.com is the premiere resource for educators using the LEGO MINDSTORMS tool set in their classroom to engage students in STEM. The website features include:

  • An online community for educators worldwide to share and contribute activities
  • An activity database along with subject-focused curriculum units
  • Podcasts and other useful resources for implementing LEGO MINDSTORMS in the classroom
  • LEGOengineering.com is a collaborative effort between Tufts University CEEO and LEGO Education; however, educators are encouraged to populate the website through the online community!
LEGO Engineering Conferences
The CEEO plays an active role in arranging and supporting conferences for the educator community using LEGO MINDSTORMS for schools. These conferences, which occur all over the world, are held to both support those already using the materials and assist new educators in learning how.

LEGO Engineering Symposium
The LEGO Engineering Symposium is an annual invited gathering of 40-50 of the top educators, researchers, and industry personnel working with LEGO MINDSTORMS for schools. The goal of the symposium is to take existing and new products and develop innovative ways of using them within engineering education at all levels.

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