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Community Outreach: Project Initiatives

Tufts University ASEE Student Chapter

Welcome to the Tufts University American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Student Chapter, sponsored by the CEEO. The Tufts ASEE Chapter is an organization of Math, Science, Technology, & Engineering Education graduate students, Engineering undergraduate and graduate students and faculty, and CEEO staff committed to improving engineering education.

About ASEE
The American Society for Engineering Education was founded in 1893. It is a nonprofit organization of individuals and institutions committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology. In pursuit of academic excellence, ASEE develops policies and programs that enhance professional opportunities for engineering faculty members, and promotes activities that support increased student enrollments in engineering and engineering technology colleges and universities. For more information or to join ASEE, visit their website at ASEE.org.

To be eligible to join, you must be an ASEE member and a student, faculty, or staff member of Tufts University. Interested parties should send an email to the chapter president. For more information about our chapter, please read our Constitution and Bylaws.

Faculty/Staff Members:
Dr. Ethan Danahy, Dr. Alan Hoskinson, Dr. Merredith Portsmore, Elissa Milto, & Erin Riecker

Dr. Adam Carberry, Kaitlyn Conroy, Eric Fournier, Dr. Gay Lemons, Mary McCormick, Kara Miranda, Melissa Pickering, Lisa Moretti, Natasha Perova, Adam Santos, Jessica Scolnic, Kevin Staszowski, Susan Tse