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Devyn Curley
Outreach Support

Devyn began his work with CEEO as a freshman at Tufts, taking simple robotics with Merredith Portsmore. Drawn to the overlap of interfacing with children and his education as an engineer, he sought out other ways to engage. This resulted in 7 semesters working as a Fellow in STOMP, with 3 years as a member of the Executive Board. Devyn was the first Head of Publicity for STOMP, and has seen a steady increase in Fellow applications as the program has gained more visibility on campus. Academically Devyn focused on robotics, a path which culminated in developing a robotic arm to hit a drum cymbal like a human in a prototype quality assurance system for Zildjian. On a volunteer basis, he spent 3 years as the head of Play Pals, an organization that brings children with special needs to campus to play with volunteer buddies while providing parents a relaxed environment and social group. After such a positive rewarding experience with STOMP, Devyn applied to be the manager for Fall 2015 to Spring 2017, hoping to push the fulcrum out in terms of his impact on the program. He was accepted, allowing him to continue his robotics work with the University, and embark on a path to becoming a double jumbo!

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University, 2015

Research Interests:
Combining his education in robotics and experience working with children with special needs, Devyn has focused on developing robotic pets for children with autism. He is specifically interested in students engaging with the robot as a client in the engineering design process, and the related benefits in terms of STEM engagement, social facilitation, and perspective taking.

CEEO Responsibilities:
As STOMP Manager, Devyn immediate directs an executive board of 8 undergraduates, and the greater program of 57 undergraduate STEM Teaching Fellows. He coordinates the recruitment and logistics for all 43 classrooms involved in the program, handles teacher relations, and oversees the Fellows' recruitment and professional development.

"Experimental Investigation of Crash Cymbal Acoustic Quality" submitted to the 168th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, June 23, 2014.