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Olga Sans Copé
Visiting Scholar

Contact Info:
200 Boston Avenue
Suite G810
Medford, MA 02155


Olga Sans Copé is a PhD student at Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Before coming to the Center, Olga was an Adjunct Professor at La Salle University in Barcelona, Research Coordinator and PhD Program Coordinator Assistant. She was also part of the funding & grants office where she supported all research groups at the University. During that period she also coordinated the LSmaker Educational Robotic platform across all undergraduate programs.

After her work at the university level, she was a classroom teacher where she introduced robotics and engineering across pre-K to high school, through multidisciplinary projects in the STEAM field as well as other areas related to the curriculum at Montserrat School in Barcelona, Spain.

Her research interests are in augmented teacher capabilities in the classroom and how to improve students learning through the use of educational and social robots. The primary goals are to increase feedback to teachers with the proactivity of the social robot to collect information as a new social interface, and the customization of the content, the method, and the communication system increasing the network between learning actors.

PhD candidate inTechnical University of Catalonia (UPC), since 2014
M.S. in Education, Isabel I University, 2018
M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering, La Salle University, 2007
B.S. in Electronics Engineering, La Salle University, 2005
B.S. in Computer Science Engineering, La Salle University, 2003
B.S. in Multimedia Engineering, La Salle University, 2003

CEEO Responsibilities:

Research Interests:
Complex system design; AI based manufacturing; Education


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