Robert Hayes

Robert Hayes

200 Boston Avenue, Suite G810
Medford, MA
Research/Areas of Interest:

My research centers around student experience and agency. I am interested in how we can set up spaces in which students have (and recognize themselves as having) intellectual autonomy - and in characterizing what students do in those spaces.


MS in STEM Education, Tufts University, 2017
BS in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, Tufts University, 2013


I got my start in education in my undergrad - through a faculty (Dr. Luisa Chiesa) in the mechanical engineering department I got a summer job developing a curriculum teaching heat transfer and engineering, created by Ed Hazzard at the Concord Consortium. I flip-flopped between engineering (materials science research, design) and education (tutoring, curriculum development for the Tufts Robotics Club) until I landed my first post-grad job at a Computer Science and Making education start-up called TechSmartKids.

While working at TSK I discovered a passion for understanding how kids learn – I found it much more intellectually and emotionally rewarding than engineering. After two years of prolific curriculum development and teaching, I decided to broaden my understanding of education in graduate school. I returned to Tufts, both to be close to friends and family, and because I had worked at the CEEO and knew that the education program here was a place that I wanted to be learning.

I started in the MS program and have since continued on into the PhD program.

CEEO Responsibilities:
At the CEEO, I assist with a variety of projects, both in mentorship and research. I was formerly the Teaching Assistant Manager for the TEEP program, a professional development course progression that seeks to give K-12 teachers both the content and pedagogical tools to effectively implement engineering curricula in their schools.