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Community Outreach: Project Initiatives

Workshops for Educators

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Overview of Educator Workshops
Professional Development for educators is a priority of the CEEO. We offer week-long workshops during the summer as well as day-long workshops during the year. Workshops are structured to allow participants to engage in similar activities to their students. Most of the time is spent on hands-on activities and understanding how to present engineering to students - there is very little traditional lecture. These workshops focus on a range of topics from the LEGO toolkit to simple machines to integrating engineering and literature.

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On-Site Professional Development
CEEO staff is also available for on-site professional development. We work with each school to develop a professional development experience to meet the needs of the school and teachers. Professional development can focus on the acquisition of skills, such as the LEGO toolkit, or working with teachers to incorporate engineering into their classrooms. Possible topics include integrating engineering and literature, the science of sound, the properties of materials, animal studies, and simple machines.