MS in Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, 2022
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Boston University, 2019


Leon is a mechanical engineering PhD student focusing on musical instrument acoustics, specifically harmonica acoustics. He has been working on creating custom high quality innovative harmonicas since undergraduate, and was connected to John R. Beaver Professor of Mechanical Engineering Chris Rogers for a project during his senior year. During his time at Columbia University online, due to the pandemic, he created his own workshop to build custom harmonicas and has been working as the head designer for Jiangyin Soundreal Music Instrument Co.

The equal amount of experiences and confusion from the industry informs Leon's graduate studies. His goal is to make comprehensive studies and models for musical instruments in general, and break the boundaries for harmonica acoustics research and harmonic design and manufacturing. Outside of school and work, Leon is a semi-professional gamer, harmonica performer, flute player, a fountain pen enjoyer, and a custom mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

CEEO Responsibilities:
Leon is a PhD student working on harmonica acoustics and continuing harmonica design and development with Jiangyin Soundreal Music Instrument Co., Ltd.