InterLACE (Interactive Learning and Collaboration Environment) is an interactive digital white-board interface for putting student ideas at the center of discussion and enhancing collaboration and peer-to-peer learning. InterLACE quickly and easily captures and shares student work, transforming classrooms from lectures based on "what the teacher knows" to interactive discussions based on "what the students think." Co-designed with high school science teachers as part of an NSF sponsored research project, InterLACE has been incorporated into classrooms throughout New England to support active learning pedagogies.

The on-going NSF-sponsored research project InterLACE (Interactive Learning and Collaboration Environment) at Tufts University spun off to a commercialized product called Visual Classrooms. Supporting individual classroom use as well as LMS (Learning Management Systems) integration, teachers can sign up for an account and start using it now at

InterLACE Cluster
InterLace Compare
InterLace Teacher Dashboard

If you have any additional questions, or want more details on anything mentioned here, please contact the primary investigator Ethan Danahy, the research manager Leslie Schneider.

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