Pictured left to right: Gail Willner-Giwerc, A86, Linda Willner, J62, and Sara Willner-Giwerc, E18

Keeping it in the family

Sara Willner-Giwerc, E18, EG22, Gail Willner-Giwerc, A86, and Linda Willner, J62 reflect on their time at Tufts.
A robot for digging, inspired by the claws of a pangolin

Designing biomimetic robots

Middle school students learn about biomimicry by interweaving engineering, biology, robotics, and computer programming concepts.
Collage of Tufts students posing with their projects

Robotics for the whole human

In Research Associate Professor Ethan Danahy's class, aspiring engineers design for both accessibility and fun in collaboration with deaf and hard-of-hearing high schoolers.